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What is a multifunction radio?

2021-09-17 16:48:19 M&lak 0

What is a multifunction radio?Radio is a product that we often use in our daily life,especially in the middle-aged and elderly people.It is more widely used.Nowadays,radios are not only the function of radio and playback,but also other functions are added.The details are as follows.Anyone with the following The three functions are multi-function radios:

1.Hand crank charging


3.LED marquee

4.Charging function

5.USB interface

6.Can store radio stations

7,can store information

8.Solar radio,solar flashlight

9.Mobile phone emergency charger(can be used for emergency charging of mobile phones,digital cameras,MP3,MP4,etc.)

10.Timing,timing radio,fixed alarm,delayed shutdown,hypnosis,hearing aid,doorbell and multiple alarm functions.

What is a multifunction radio?After reading the above content introduction,I believe that everyone also has a certain understanding of multi-function radios.In 19 years,we have focused on radio R&D and manufacturing,and produced a variety of multi-function radios.Dealers are welcome to consult.

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